What do you most need to learn to be an even more effective leader?

Share your Doubt

A Wharton Alumnus can learn or study “technical” skills (like finance, statistics, languages, products, advertising, etc) but very often that’s not what he needs to learn to solve critical problems or take fundamental decisions. At a certain point in the career, one needs other skills that go beyond problem solving and that have a lot to do with experience and knowledge.

Wharton owns a wealth of experience and knowledge through Faculty, Alumni and Students.

The idea then would be to use this distributed experience and knowledge to focus on a specific “Doubt”: a critical problem or a fundamental decision.

Once a problem or decision is identified:

- The proponent could frame the Doubt and the context as necessary pre-work,

- Wharton could help in the choice of the team members (based on industry experience, similarities, background, volunteers, etc),

- The team members accept to prepare and participate to this unique “Board Meeting” (a “Sounding board Meeting”…), with the aim to contribute and candidly express their opinions and questions

- A working session (Sounding Board Meeting) takes place, with presentation, debate, conclusions and possibly short term follow-up.

- Once the main objective is accomplished, the working session can also broaden the discussion to other related themes or… Doubts

- The Faculty can of course decide to use the case in the courses

- The Faculty can also define the Frame or general Theme, within which proponents can add their Doubt



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